/ ˈneɪbəˌhʊd /


  1. the immediate environment; surroundings; vicinity vicinal
  2. a district where people live
  3. the people in a particular area; neighbours
  4. neighbourly feeling
  5. maths the set of all points whose distance from a given point is less than a specified value
  6. modifier of or for a neighbourhood

    a neighbourhood community worker

  7. in the neighbourhood of
    approximately (a given number)
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Example Sentences

We are a troubled and fractious country, in a difficult neighbourhood.

We lived in a comfortable house in a riverside Jewish neighbourhood in Baghdad.

The room service is available 24-hours and features a menu to rival any decent neighbourhood London restaurant.

Haralambos Lambropoulos, a retired Air Force commander, lives in the central neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos.

Osama Ahmed, 40, stood in an intersection in the upscale neighbourhood of Zamalek, where he owns a shop.

M'Bongo, the great chief of this neighbourhood, paid a ceremonial visit to my husband.

He inclosed it under a cover to the Marquis Santa Cruz, who had a villa in the neighbourhood.

Mrs. Pell was a very elegant and accomplished woman; her manners were the theme of universal admiration in our neighbourhood.

There was also one at the Plough and Harrow, and several may stil be found in the neighbourhood.

He was naturally frightfully upset about it, and a regular panic sprang up in the neighbourhood.





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