[ neel-suhn ]


  1. William Allan, 1869–1946, U.S. educator and lexicographer, born in Scotland.

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Example Sentences

Now, Neilson is proposing legislation that would force couples to complete at least part of the seminar before filing for divorce.

According to Neilson, the Malawi project had to borrow even more in 2010, though he will not say how much.

Neilson told Newsweek that "the separation is a healthy thing for Raising Malawi and the Kabbalah Centre."

What Immigration Equality is fighting for,” says Neilson, “is to get the Uniting American Families Act passed by Congress.

We will keep it secret, but if Neilson Poe becomes troublesome you will only have to show him your marriage certificate.

Neilson knew the half-world, and now that he had undertaken an awkward job strange helpers would be put to work.

For a few days he stopped at the hotel, and then Neilson admitted that his inquiries about Douglas had not carried him far.

Moreover, Neilson knew men, and particularly men who lived by exploiting others' weaknesses.

Neilson was a gambler, but his word went; in fact, Deering imagined it sometimes went with the police.


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