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adjective dialect
  1. sensitive to the cold
  2. timid or cowardly
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Word Origin for nesh

from Old English hnesce; related to Gothic hnasqus tender, soft; of obscure origin
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Examples from the Web for nesh

Historical Examples of nesh

  • When he knew it wes Nesh, he got a fright himself end then frightened Herding into doing it.

    Two Knapsacks

    John Campbell

  • Here are two words with very different titles and claims, nesh and hyppish.

  • Neshamah, nesh′a-m, n. the highest degree of the soul in the cabbalistic system.

  • I think he'd favour poor Master Eddard if he didn't look so nesh.'

  • "They must be nesh folks as is put out with the singing o' birds," replied Emanuel, rather affronted.

    The Grey Woman and other Tales

    Mrs. (Elizabeth) Gaskell

Word Origin and History for nesh


"tender, delicate, weak," now a Northern England dialect word, from Old English hnesce "soft in texture" (cognate with early modern Dutch nesch, Gothic hnasqus), of unknown origin.

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