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  1. lying or believed to lie beneath the earth's surface; infernal: the nether regions.
  2. lower or under: his nether lip.
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Origin of nether

before 900; Middle English nethere, Old English neothera, nithera, derivative of nither down (cognate with German nieder), literally, further down, equivalent to ni- down + -ther comparative suffix
Related formsneth·er·ward, adjective
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below, beneath, lower, under

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  1. placed or situated below, beneath, or undergroundnether regions; a nether lip
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Word Origin for nether

Old English niothera, nithera, literally: further down, from nither down. Related to Old Irish nitaram, German nieder
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Word Origin and History for nether


Old English niþera, neoþera "down, downwards, below, beneath," from Proto-Germanic *nitheraz (cf. Old Saxon nithar, Old Norse niðr, Old Frisian nither, Dutch neder, German nieder), from comparative of PIE *ni- "down, below" (cf. Sanskrit ni "down," nitaram "downward," Greek neiothen "from below," Old Church Slavonic nizu "low, down"). Has been replaced in most senses by lower (adj.).

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