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[noo-rop-ter-uh s, nyoo-]
  1. belonging or pertaining to the Neuroptera, an order of insects characterized by four membranous wings having netlike venation, comprising the ant lions, lacewings, dobsonflies, alderflies, fishflies, snakeflies, mantispids, and spongillaflies.
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Origin of neuropterous

1795–1805; < New Latin Neuropter(a), neuter plural of neuropterus nerve-winged + -ous. See neuro-, -pterous
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Historical Examples

  • It is one of the neuropterous tribe, or those with nerved wings.

    The Forest Exiles

    Mayne Reid

  • Wing of a neuropterous insect, from the Lower Lias, Gloucestershire.

  • A number of neuropterous insects whose early stages are passed in the water are furnished with branchial trache or false gills.

  • Dragon-fly, the common name of members of a family (Odonata or Libellulid) of neuropterous insects.

  • Insects appear well developed, including both orthopterous and neuropterous forms, in the New Brunswick rocks.

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  1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Neuroptera, an order of insects having two pairs of large much-veined wings and biting mouthparts: includes the lacewings and antlions
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Word Origin

C18: from New Latin Neuroptera; see neuro-, -pterous
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