[ nev-uhl ]


  1. Richard. Earl of Warwick.
  2. a male given name: an Old North French family name, taken from a placename.

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Example Sentences

An internal email also sent by Neville in October 2021 states “OSN no longer exists.”

Argento, incidentally, is not interviewed for the book, just as she wasn’t for Neville’s documentary.

Neville uses the AI-generated clip as an artistic touch to heighten Choe’s pathos as he recounts the last email he received before Bourdain took his life in 2018.

From Quartz

As it turns out, there was plenty of audio and lots of footage—from Bourdain’s various television shows, from private sources, from another filmmaker’s never-made documentary—for Neville to use in piecing together this mosaic portrait.

From Time

Neville shows, in fairly thorough detail, how dazzled Bourdain was by his last girlfriend, the actor and filmmaker Asia Argento, whom he met after his second marriage—to Ottavia Bourdain, also the mother of his child—had broken up.

From Time

Neville Longbottom is a popular Herbology teacher at Hogwarts, married to Hannah.

Tipitina's opened about 14 years ago, the same year the Neville Brothers formed.

Downstairs, a band called Def Generation, composed mostly of Neville progeny, is killing the hour before the brothers come on.

On a wall already covered with graffiti, someone has written "AARON NEVILLE WEARS PANTYHOSE."

Art is now well into his 70s and the only Neville still in the neighborhood.

Neville was graciously received, and the Pope ordered the Scots and their abettors at his court to prison.

I perfectly approve of Neville for eldest Captain, and think that Wedderburne cannot be offended.

Father Francis, thus converted to her side, lost no time; he walked into the dining-room and told Neville he had bad news for him.

Neville said nothing, but rose and stood rather pale, waiting like a man for the blow.

He buried himself at Neville's Cross for several days, and would neither see nor speak to a soul.