new blood

Additional, fresh individuals regarded as an invigorating force, as in an organization. For example, The board could really use some new blood next year. This metaphoric expression, first recorded in 1853, alludes to a blood transfusion and employs new in the sense of “fresh.”

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How to use new blood in a sentence

  • He felt such a leap of new blood in his arteries, such a rush of fresh air into his lungs, that he seemed to waken from a coma.

    What Will People Say? | Rupert Hughes
  • The great part of the new blood for his language came not so much from Flemish as from science.

    mile Verhaeren | Stefan Zweig
  • So long as there was in the Italian municipia new blood upon which it could draw, Roman poetry grew in strength.

  • Still there had been an infusion of new blood, and McRae was constantly on the lookout for more.