New City


  1. a city in SE New York.

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Example Sentences

From the Jewish-Israeli perspective, he says, the new city was built entirely on empty sand dunes.

When you have a limited time in a new city, and are therefore unable to sightsee or indulge in tourism, you take what you can get.

The heart of the new city is right on the water, on the formerly abandoned docks of La Joliette.

The professor usually has to uproot their entire family and move to a new city.

Nothing can be more regular than that Part of Turin, which is called the new City.

The new City and County Hall approaches more nearly to the modern idea, and is very attractive within and without.

The leaders announced that a company of young men would start west in March, and choose a good situation for their new city.

The new city was also taken in after-times by Alexander the Great; and his army had a hard service.

In such an atmosphere rises quickly a new city from the ashes of the old, or a fairy creation like the Columbian Exposition.


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