New Hope


  1. a town in SE Minnesota, near Minneapolis.

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Example Sentences

In Broussard, Burnham saw new hope now that his gorgeous idea for America might become a reality.

The Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars story is “perfectly accurate” with the New Hope action going on in the background, says Povenmire.

Now, there is new hope for these patients and their families.

After decades of no-new-is-no-news, however, there is some new hope for control of malaria.

The New Mind of the South by Tracy Thompson Looking for new hope in the land of the old Confederacy.

Rose's heart bounded with new hope, for he felt that he would be with his advancing comrades in a few minutes at most.

To me it seems only yesterday that my whole life ended with my new hope, and that truly I began a new record.

The new hope for the former Greek rgime evoked by Alexander's death was brief.

Dana's face glowed with excitement, alive with new vitality, new hope.

The boat had not altered her course, and I gasped with a new hope.





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