New World monkey

[ noo-wurld muhng-kee, nyoo ]
/ ˈnu ˌwɜrld ˈmʌŋ ki, ˈnyu /
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any of various platyrrhine primates inhabiting forests from Mexico to Argentina, with arboreal habits and typically having a hairy face, widely separated nostrils, long arms, and a long tail, which is prehensile in a great many species, including howlers, spider monkeys, and woolly monkeys: in contrast, no species of Old World monkey has a prehensile tail.



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Origin of New World monkey

First recorded in 1860–65
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British Dictionary definitions for New World monkey

New World monkey


any monkey of the family Cebidae, of Central and South America, having widely separated nostrils: many are arboreal and have a prehensile tailCompare Old World monkey
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