new world order

[ noo wurld awr-der, nyoo ]


  1. a profound change in the organization of social systems or global political power, such as the improved cooperation between formerly hostile countries after the end of the Cold War.
  2. New World Or·der,
    1. a hypothetical, secretly developing, global reorganization of social, political, and economic systems in the direction of totalitarianism, as posited by a conspiracy theory.
    2. the conspiracy theory that posits this reorganization.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of new world order1

First recorded in 1845–50
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Example Sentences

Yet that liberation, together with the establishment of a new world order, gave us a false impression that the violent force we inflict on others would inevitably yield virtuous results.

From Time

One of the things, personally, I like about the new world order we have is that my constituents can tune in and see us, and see how we vote, and hear the discussion, even after the fact.

People dubbed it “mask diplomacy,” as Beijing jostled to control the pandemic narrative and use the crisis to boost its vision for the new world order.

From Quartz

The pair riff on pink slime, the New World Order, and even the War on Christmas™.

“Power in the new world order is the power to establish effective partnerships and alliances,” he wrote.

In the new world order where every diner is a critic, there is a lot of feigned expertise.

“Militia” as in nut-job Michigan Militia protecting us from the New World Order and UN black helicopters?

During any other month, that news alone would have signaled a new world order, an upheaval in the pecking order.

Every neutral nation will suffer until a new world-order among nations is projected and perfected.

They posed as creators of a new world order but ignored the means of establishing it.

Several speeches were made laudatory of the Covenant and expressing high hopes for the new world order.

Fichte, whose acquaintance he also made, he enthusiastically called "the legislator of the new world-order."





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