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[ noo-bawrn, nyoo- ]


  1. recently or only just born.
  2. born anew; reborn:

    a newborn faith in human goodness.


, plural new·born, new·borns.
  1. a newborn infant; neonate.


/ ˈnjuːˌbɔːn /


    1. recently or just born
    2. ( as collective noun; preceded by the )

      the newborn

  1. (of hope, faith, etc) reborn

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Word History and Origins

Origin of newborn1

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; new, born

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Example Sentences

NPS discovered 13 newborn kittens across five different dens.

I mean, we’re in a bubble anyway — when you have a newborn, you’re not really doing much.

From Vox

Founder Chris Hosmer started making masks after his newborn daughter had severe respiratory reactions while his family was living in China.

They are made of breathable, stretchy jersey-knit cotton, button-free, and suitable for newborns between 0 and 2-3 months old.

Khadija Omari Kayanda was busy tending to a newborn son and a promising career when her mother-in-law began a campaign to end Kayanda’s marriage.

From Ozy

Mary is rarely just Mary in this selection—she is almost always depicted with her newborn or dead son.

Creepy thing to wrap up in festive paper and a bow and give to a newborn baby, yeah?

The151-foot newborn waited in the harbor on her 171-foot pedestal, a huge French flag fluttering over her dark copper face.

Rick must shepherd his newborn daughter, Judith, through this world of peril.

Asked if he knew the names of the newborn quadruplets, Merritt recalled two: gi—a karate outfit—and po—a chamber pot.

He felt a sudden lift of the heart, an access of newborn confidence.

He laughed, and the girl instinctively shuddered with a newborn distrust.

So we mate and build and gather that again our old, old hearts may quiver to the thin cry of our newborn.

He did not come very close to his family, for mother otters do not permit even their mates to approach too near a newborn cub.

She killed her newborn child, saying that she would die rather than increase the strength of the Igazipuza.





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