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[ noo-found, nyoo- ]


  1. newly found found or discovered:

    newfound friends.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of newfound1

First recorded in 1490–1500; new + found 2

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Example Sentences

They were “not as rock solid” as the newfound one, she says.

On the heels of this growth, the co-founders say that Sounding Board’s next step as a startup is to grow beyond coaching services and into a platform that can show leaders how those newfound skills are impacting business development.

No one can attest to Beijing’s newfound regulatory mandate more than Jack Ma.

From Fortune

Budget measures can help build a clean energy economy and infrastructureDemocrats can use their newfound influence to change spending and taxation under the federal budget in a process known as budget reconciliation.

If you’re bursting to put all of this newfound knowledge into action, here are five braised vegetable recipes to try, from our Recipe Finder archives.

So how else might Republicans use their newfound majority to advance their seemingly endless “War on Women”?

These days, Omran is putting all his newfound energy to good use, studying English so he can apply to college abroad.

But again there was no mention of a newfound political career.

When her wounds have healed, perhaps Mack can use her newfound celebrity to help others in danger.

For all his newfound comfort with uncertainty, Schaeffer has yet to embrace the equally great virtue of solidarity.

Then they took leave of their newfound friends, boarded the train for Texas, and were soon whirling westward.

Then he rode away, and as we talked it over we saw no way but to follow the directions of our newfound friend.

Laughter arose to them--the mingled voices of David Fulham and his newfound cousin by marriage.

Ordinarily glib of speech, for some reason in the face of this newfound emotionless characterisation, he had nothing to say.

The little party at Fairholm retired early, and Eric was soon fast asleep with his arm round his newfound brother's neck.


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