[ noo-hous, nyoo- ]


  1. Samuel I(rving), 1895–1979, U.S. publisher.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any recent polling of this race, so it’s hard to say — like Herrera Beutler, Newhouse may not be out of the woods.

After a two-decade career working on cybersecurity in the US military, Newhouse decided to take a stab leading a tech company in the private sector.

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Still, Newhouse’s district is Republican enough that it sometimes sends two GOP candidates to the general election, and in that case, Newhouse might win over some Democratic voters because of his impeachment vote.

“What you worry about in a race like this is voters not voting,” says Republican pollster Neil Newhouse.

“Ruthlessly negative about Washington,” is how pollster Neil Newhouse summed up the attitudes of these women.

“They point the finger everywhere and nowhere,” says Newhouse.

There are the Sulzbergers, the Murdochs, Mort Zuckerman, Mike Bloomberg, S.I. Newhouse, a few others.

Why is the Newhouse family, which owns midsize newspapers all over country, so enthusiastic about radical transformation?

He was a brother of Kristoffer and Kittil Newhouse who had come in 1839.

The original name, Nyhus, was in the early days changed to Newhouse, which is a translation of the Norwegian.

She had been dragging the heavy Newhouse trap and the clog with her as she walked.

At that time "Turkey Shoots" were very popular, and Mr. Newhouse was always sure of his bird at sixty to eighty rods.

This severe test was enough for the visitors, and at his own price Mr. Newhouse sold them his entire stock of traps.





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