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next to

  1. Adjacent to, as in The car next to mine has a flat tire , [Late 1300s]

  2. Almost, practically, as in It's next to impossible to predict the outcome , or I earned next to nothing last year . [Second half of 1600s]

  3. Following in order or degree, as in Next to skiing, she likes hiking . [Early 1500s]

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Example Sentences

The Orioles had won thirty-three of forty-three games, to tie Milwaukee for first place on the season's next-to-last day.

Instead of everyone consuming a little less of some goods--or even a few people consuming none--everyone gets next-to-nothing.

I wouldn't be shocked if this is the next-to-last three-day convention we ever see, next week's being the last.

In the next-to-last year of World War II, that became his undoing.

Serildy Byng, his next-to-last, was a middling civil woman; but she never stayed long.

It was not the sight of a submarine periscope that startled Ruth Fielding the evening of the next-to-the-last day of the voyage.

And the Bonnie Lassie tripped over to her newest guest, leaving her next-to-newest quite busy with thought.

In five reincarnations, he has climbed from the lowest to the next-to-highest rung of the social ladder.

I leave it and hare back to the stretcher, next-to fall over it but stop just in time, and switch on the antigrav.





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