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[ adverb neks-dawr, -dohr, nekst-; adjective neks-dawr, -dohr, nekst- ]


  1. Also next door. to, at, or in the next house on the street, especially if it is very close by, or the adjacent apartment, office, room, or the like:

    Go next-door and get your sister. Your sister is next-door. Her brother lives next-door.


  1. being situated or living next-door:

    next-door neighbors.

next door


  1. at, in, or to the adjacent house, flat, building, etc

    the next-door house

    we live next door to the dentist

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Word History and Origins

Origin of next-door1

First recorded in 1475–85
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Example Sentences

The kid from next door drops by and Marvin talks to him about the stunts in his latest film, Death Hunt.

She stormed off next door, where the business owner tried to chase Wislon off before the bandit squeezed off a round.

Next door, a strip mall popped and hissed as unknown accelerants aided in its fiery destruction.

When gunshots burst out, she ran to retrieve her child from school and returned to her house just as a bomb hit next door.

Thank God it will soon be evacuated and replaced by two new prisons, SCI Phoenix I and II, just next door.

Raoul, with pessimistic foreboding, was convinced that there were only girls next door.

In fact, he had placed himself in so unsatisfactory a position as to render anything but bad news next door to an impossibility.

Knock at the next door, cried Mr. Losberne, taking Olivers arm in his.

For instance, my next-door neighbours are always making the most awful noises—playing and singing morning, noon, and night.

And my poor Ethel finds her singing constantly interrupted by the disgusting row made by our next-door neighbour.





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