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[adverb neks-dawr, -dohr, nekst-; adjective neks-dawr, -dohr, nekst-]
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  1. Also next door. to, at, or in the next house on the street, especially if it is very close by, or the adjacent apartment, office, room, or the like: Go next-door and get your sister. Your sister is next-door. Her brother lives next-door.
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  1. being situated or living next-door: next-door neighbors.
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Origin of next-door

First recorded in 1475–85
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Historical Examples

  • It's our next-door neighbor here--your son bought the house from him.

    The Dramatic Values in Plautus

    Wilton Wallace Blancke

  • Nantucket and Cape Cod are next-door neighbors, as you might say!

    Kent Knowles: Quahaug

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • For imagine the Thebans, your own sworn foes and next-door neighbours, masters of Hellas!



  • For Garrison had fallen in love with his next-door neighbor, Sue Desha.

    Garrison's Finish

    W. B. M. Ferguson

  • The next-door pussy was sunning herself in the Wrights' yard.

    The Goody-Naughty Book

    Sarah Cory Rippey

Word Origin and History for next-door


also nextdoor, 1570s, from noun phrase next door "nearest house" (late 15c.), from next + door. Noun meaning "the people living next door" is from 1855.

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