Nez Percé

[ nez -purs; French ney per-sey ]
/ ˈnɛz ˈpɜrs; French neɪ pɛrˈseɪ /
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noun, plural Nez Per·cés [nez -pur-siz; French ney per-sey], /ˈnɛz ˈpɜr sɪz; French neɪ pɛrˈseɪ/, (especially collectively) Nez Per·cé for 1.

a member of a North American Indian people of the Sahaptin family.
the Sahaptin language of the Nez Percé.



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Origin of Nez Percé

1805–15; <French: literally, pierced nose
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British Dictionary definitions for Nez Percé

Nez Percé
/ (ˈnɛz ˈpɜːs, French ne pɛrse) /


plural Nez Percés (ˈpɜːsɪz, French pɛrse) or Nez Percé a member of a North American Indian people of the Pacific coast, a tribe of the Sahaptin
the Sahaptin language of this people
French, literally: pierced nose
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