1. informal.
    attractive in appearance; pretty or handsome
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Example Sentences

We had a very nice-looking bug on a stick, which was creepy, but yes, the bug was CGI.

And yet, somewhere he had found a nice-looking gray suit jacket.

“His type was any nice-looking girl who was a quick lay,” Bowers says.

Wylie describes him as “a perfectly nice looking gentleman—Japanese.”

Then there was that nice-looking guy with the silver hair who kept talking for some reason.

There were eight in all to read essays—nice looking girls, and much like the Lasells and Wellesleys we used to know.

Eric secretly thought that he a very nice-looking specimen of Roslyn School.

THEY was fetching a very nice-looking old gentleman along, and a nice-looking younger one, with his right arm in a sling.

A nice-looking girl, very well dressed, joined a working-girls' club.

Also, I tipped off a mining exchange and two pretty nice-looking club-houses right in sight from the Bullard entrance.





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