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[ nahy-si-tee ]


, plural ni·ce·ties.
  1. a delicate or fine point; punctilio:

    niceties of protocol.

  2. a fine distinction; subtlety; detail:

    the niceties of the filigree work.

  3. Usually niceties. a refined, elegant, or choice feature, as of manner or living:

    working hard to acquire the niceties of life.

  4. exactness or precision.
  5. the quality of being nice; niceness.
  6. delicacy of character, as of something requiring care or tact:

    a matter of considerable nicety.


/ ˈnaɪsɪtɪ /


  1. a subtle point of delicacy or distinction

    a nicety of etiquette

  2. usually plural a refinement or delicacy

    the niceties of first-class travel

  3. subtlety, delicacy, or precision
  4. excessive refinement; fastidiousness
  5. to a nicety
    with precision

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Other Words From

  • over·nice·ty noun plural overniceties

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Word History and Origins

Origin of nicety1

1275–1325; Middle English: silliness, extravagance, cleverness < Old French niceté. See nice, -ty 2

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Example Sentences

Exterior niceties are just as impressive, such as the anti-spin device to ensure the “RR” logo remains upright on each wheel cap at all times.

Executives and analysts say such niceties are carrots to pandemic-weary consumers.

Which is just as well, considering that her near-autobiographical Netflix comedy-drama The Duchess makes clear that this “bad mama” couldn’t care less about niceties.

From Ozy

Political memoirs are supposed to be graced with sufficient niceties and vagaries that make voters buy the brand.

From Time

When I question him about these habits, he tells me that there is no need to display any niceties, as it is only the two of us.

The door would not open; built with air-tight nicety, it did not budge in the least.

He knew the balance and the temper of the home-made article to a nicety, especially that made by Mklemba.

In short, good Manners are introduc'd and observ'd in those Troops to such a Nicety, that you would wonder at it.

And they all look the better, for being ranged with wonderful Nicety in Cases of Crystal.

Mohammed, in fact, judged the capacity and characteristics of his countrymen to a nicety.


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