[ nik-ee ]

  1. a female given name, form of Nicole.

  2. a male given name, form of Nicholas.

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How to use Nicky in a sentence

  • Nicky played the online computer game World of Warcraft for ten hours a day.

  • Dear Nicky, who really was an angel, could appreciate people who were very far from appreciating him.

    The Creators | May Sinclair
  • Nicky's admirable judgment told him that as a competitive poet he was dished by Prothero.

    The Creators | May Sinclair
  • Nicky in his beauty and his pain wandered outside in the garden, leaving her to Prothero and Laura.

    The Creators | May Sinclair
  • But when Nicky actually did it (in the spring of nineteen-nine) Prothero applied to Brodrick for a holiday.

    The Creators | May Sinclair
  • For some day, he said, Nicky will bring out a volume of his poems, and in that day he will infallibly turn to me.

    The Creators | May Sinclair