[ neel-suhn ]


  1. Carl Au·gust [kah, r, l , ou, -g, oo, st], 1865–1931, Danish composer.
  2. Informal. Nielsen rating.


/ ˈnelsən; ˈniːlsən /


  1. NielsenCarl (August)18651931MDanishMUSIC: composer Carl ( August ) (karl). 1865–1931, Danish composer. His works include six symphonies and the opera Masquerade (1906)

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Example Sentences

The due diligence Nielsen talks about is supported by the global Antler platform, where they pull upon its network of more than 400 experts across technologies and industries.

As word spread, viewership grew, and before CBS’ Robert Wood aired the show in summer reruns, it topped Nielsen’s weekly ratings.

From Time

SuperData Research, another market analyst firm owned by Nielsen, predicted some 3 million Quest 2 units would be sold in 2021.

Nielsen’s numbers show that the average American adult logs 5 hours and 56 minutes of cumulative video watching each day.

In fact, a new Nielsen analysis suggests many viewers did just that last year, as broadcast hits including “The Office,” “Criminal Minds” and the still-airing “Grey’s Anatomy” topped the research company’s ranking of 2020’s most-streamed shows.

I also marveled that the NSA allowed Nielsen was allowed to make this info public.

It turned out to be the Nielsen Company, a media research firm.

Super Bowl ads are infamous, in large part because they are what Nielsen calls “the most expensive 30 seconds on TV.”

To date, it has sold 750,000 copies here, according to Nielsen BookScan.

John Nielsen, the director of automotive engineering at the American Automobile Association, for one, is ecstatic.

Practically you will be abducting Miss Nielsen, and that, you must know, is a highly punishable offence.'

Now, Miss Nielsen, we may take it that our friend Mr. Tregarthen's mind is perfectly at ease.'

Nielsen told of some men who were massacred by Seris on the mainland opposite Tiburon Island.

Nielsen appeared particularly pleased over his first shots at a real live bear.

Upon my return to camp Nielsen was there, warming one hand over the camp-fire and holding a cup of coffee in the other.


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