/ (naɪf, ˈnaɪfɪ) /
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the earth's core, thought to be composed of nickel and iron
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Word Origin for nife

C20: from the chemical symbols Ni (nickel) and Fe (iron)
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What is nife?

Nife is an alloy that makes up the core of the Earth.

Nife is thought to be an alloy of nickel, whose chemical symbol is Ni, and iron, whose chemical symbol is Fe. The alloy is molten and only settles as it escapes the core. Nife is thought to make up a majority of the core of the earth and includes elements such as sulfur and oxygen.

Nife is a scientific and engineering term that isn’t commonly used in casual conversation. Instead one of the most casual uses of nife is as a misspelling of knife.

Nife is also spelled NiFe.

Example: Scientists are still trying to understand the nife that makes up the earth’s core.

Where does nife come from?

The first records of the term nIfe come from around 1909. It combines the chemical symbols Ni, for nickel, and Fe, for iron.

Nife and other, similar alloys have magnetic properties that have a variety of uses. They have even been used as batteries in some cases. Nife alloys are used in transformers, computer memory, inductors, and precision measuring tools because it doesn’t expand when exposed to cold temperatures.

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What are some other forms related to nife?

  • NiFe (alternative spelling)

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How is nife used in real life?

Nife is almost always used in scientific discussions, but often when discussing the Earth’s core.

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Nife is an alloy made up of mostly sodium  and iron.

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