[ nahy-juhl ]


  1. a male given name, form of Neil.

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Example Sentences

Nigel Lythgoe has a knack for resuscitating pop culture tenets that seem on their death bed.

But I remember the first week when Nigel called me the magician of dance.

In May, Nigel Warren was fined $2,400 by New York officials for illegally using the service.

He may not have a functioning party to speak of, but Nigel Farage seems to have found himself at the head of a movement.

Not according to the UK ambassador to the Holy See, Nigel Baker.

Nigel might pray to a pale Madonna; Isaacson dealt with a definitely blunted woman of the world.

His dark, shining, almost too intelligent eyes looked at Nigel, and looked away.

September died away in the brown arms of October, and at last a letter came from Nigel.

Nigel's enthusiasm seemed almost visibly to exhale from the paper as Isaacson held the letter in his hands.

Meyer Isaacson said nothing; and, after a silence that was awkward, Nigel changed the conversation, and not long after went away.