[ nahylz ]


  1. a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago.
  2. a city in NE Ohio.
  3. a city in SW Michigan.
  4. a male given name, form of Neil.

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Example Sentences

Niles first studied computer-aided drafting and design but said he couldn’t find a job in the field.

It’s no great shock to discover that the core members of the Doom Patrol survive this encounter, but it is somewhat surprising—spoiler alert—to find Niles perishing from his wounds.

Sharon is a nuanced character, and Niles plays her brilliantly.

From Vox

Niles recommends researching the status of the attractions beforehand, since some might not be running.

In fact, for its size—it claims I believe, a population of something over 4,000—Niles is full of energy and ambition.

Resumed my journey at two o'clock in the afternoon at a small way place between Niles and Buchanan, where I rested at noon.

Six years afterwards a handful of cabins made their appearance, and out of this nucleus the town of Niles was evolved.

The suggestion was received with ridicule, and Mr. Niles soon after retired.

As an intelligent observer his reports on the Oregon country were much sought (see Niles' Register, lxvii, p. 161).





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