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Nilometer, hygrometry, pluviometer, udometer

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Historical Examples of nilometer

  • The moon-god Khons bears in his hands either a palm-branch or "the Nilometer."

    Moon Lore

    Timothy Harley

  • All these things were regulated by the indications of the Nilometer.


    Jacob Abbott

  • He looked uneasily at the Nilometer, in which the water had sunk.

    Historical Miniatures

    August Strindberg

  • This is the isle of Rodda, on the bank of which Moses was found, and where you may see the Nilometer.

    The Rulers of the Mediterranean

    Richard Harding Davis

  • Nilometer, nī-lom′e-tėr, n. a gauge for measuring the height of water in the river Nile: any river-gauge—also Nī′loscope.