[ nahyn-teen ]

  1. a cardinal number, ten plus nine.

  2. a symbol for this number, as 19 or XIX.

  1. a set of this many persons or things.

  1. amounting to nineteen in number.

Idioms about nineteen

  1. talk nineteen to the dozen, to talk very rapidly or vehemently: Whenever I'm excited I talk nineteen to the dozen.

Origin of nineteen

before 1000; Middle English nintene,Old English nigontȳne.See nine, -teen

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How to use nineteen in a sentence

  • No historian claims that any God has been seen on earth for nearly nineteen centuries.

    God and my Neighbour | Robert Blatchford
  • He began work at the early age of thirteen, had grown up on the railway and at nineteen was a station master.

  • How can we rely upon such evidence after nineteen hundred years, and upon a statement of facts so important and so marvellous?

    God and my Neighbour | Robert Blatchford
  • Out of three hundred and fifty white soldiers in the column he had lost one hundred and nineteen.

    The Red Year | Louis Tracy
  • He was a dark-browed, good-looking youngster of nineteen, greatly resembling his mother, but with ten times her impetuosity.

British Dictionary definitions for nineteen


/ (ˌnaɪnˈtiːn) /

  1. the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and nine and is a prime number: See also number (def. 1)

  2. a numeral, 19, XIX, etc, representing this number

  1. something represented by, representing, or consisting of 19 units

  2. talk nineteen to the dozen to talk incessantly

    • amounting to nineteen: nineteen pictures

    • (as pronoun): only nineteen voted

Origin of nineteen

Old English nigontīne

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