[ nee-chee ]
/ ˈni tʃi /
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noun Chiefly Canadian Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.

a contemptuous term used to refer to a North-American Indian.



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On the farm, the feed for chicks is significantly different from the roosters’; ______ not even comparable.

Origin of nitchie

1785–95; <Ojibwa ni·či· my friend, extracted from the phrase po·žo· ni·či· “greetings, friend!”, a common salutation among men
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  • Siwash, and Nitchie Scott, find enemy's horses and drift them away out of reach.

    A Man in the Open|Roger Pocock
  • Duncan had upbraided me for passing out my last five-dollar bill to that hungry Nitchie, but the poor woman needed it.

    The Prairie Child|Arthur Stringer
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