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[nahy-troh-suh-meen, nahy-trohs-am-in]
noun Chemistry.
  1. any of a series of compounds with the type formula R2NNO, some of which are carcinogenic, formed in cured meats by the conversion of nitrite.
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Origin of nitrosamine

1875–80; nitros- + amine
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British Dictionary definitions for nitrosamine


  1. any one of a class of neutral, usually yellow oily compounds containing the divalent group =NNO
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nitrosamine in Medicine


(nī-trōsə-mēn′, nī′trōs-ămēn)
  1. Any of a class of organic compounds present in various foods and other products and found to be carcinogenic and mutagenic in laboratory animals.
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nitrosamine in Science


[nī-trōsə-mēn′, nī′trōs-ămēn]
  1. Any of a class of organic compounds with the general formula R2NNO or RNHNO, where R is an organic radical. Nitrosamines are present in various foods and other products, and certain ones are very carcinogenic.
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