1. nanometer; nanometers.

  2. nautical mile.

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  1. New Mexico (approved especially for use with zip code).

  2. Grammar. noun modifier.

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  1. New Mexico.

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How to use nm in a sentence

  • Other cities facing similar risks: Phoenix; Albuquerque, nm Heidi Cullen is the author of The Weather of the Future.

  • Grower-producers can be identified by the tiny RM on their labels, versus the nm for négociants-manipulants.

    Designer Champagne | Amy Cortese | December 29, 2009 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • I am indebted for the information given in this note to my husbands long search in the Shh-nm.

    The Bbur-nma in English | Babur, Emperor of Hindustan
  • Prm populus exspectbat ut, qu s tant dgns imperi35 crderent,10 nmina profitrentur; sed nm audbat illud imperium suscipere.

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • Quam atrciter75 dmictum sit exitus docuit: nm hostium bell superfuit; quem quisque in pgnand cperat locum, eum miss anim1 tegbat.

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • As shown in Figure 207, a strong unconformity (nm´, Fig. 207) parts the schists and the Algonkian.

    The Elements of Geology | William Harmon Norton

British Dictionary definitions for nm (1 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. nautical mile

  2. nanometre

British Dictionary definitions for NM (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. New Mexico

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