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[ adjective noh-good; noun noh-good ]


  1. lacking worth or merit; useless; bad:

    This no-good faucet never did work properly. Her no-good brother sold me the car.


  1. a person or thing that is worthless or undependable.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of no-good1

An Americanism dating back to 1905–10
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Idioms and Phrases

Unsatisfactory, inadequate; also, no use. For example, This work is no good; it'll have to be done over , or It's no good complaining since there's nothing we can do , or I tried to appeal to his sense of generosity, but it did no good . [Mid-1800s] Also see come to an end (to no good) , def. 2; do any (no) good .
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Example Sentences

Lauren Ashburn on why parents should worry about this no-good, horrible idea.

I should thus have some satisfaction for the harm this no-good Noman has done me.'

It was near Caulfield, on the Melbourne side of "No-good-damper swamp."

"Heard him talkin' tuh that no-good, gambling smooth-talkin' hombre named Lonergan," said Gimlet.

Then said Mr No-good, Away with such a fellow from the earth.

Why, Bill, I knowed you hed a no-good outfit ridin' this range; but I wasn't wise thet you hed more 'n one criminal.


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