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no more

[ noh mawr ]


  1. not any more:

    When she had no more clean clothes, she finally decided to do the laundry.


  1. not any more (of something):

    We went back to buy another copy, but they had no more.

    I’ll have no more of your backtalk!

  2. nothing else; nothing additional:

    He said no more, but it was clear that he understood.

    These allegations are mere malicious rumor and no more.


  1. not to any greater extent or degree:

    It’s no more expensive to buy it ready-made than to make it yourself.

    The author of this paper is no more a scientist than I am a Martian!

  2. no longer:

    Cry no more, my friend, for we will see justice done.

    You’re here at last, and I am lonely no more.

  3. never again:

    With these words he galloped away and was seen no more.

  4. neither:

    I never took to the fellow, I’m afraid—and no more did my wife.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of no more1

First recorded before 1000

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. be no more, to be dead or gone; be no longer existing:

    Let us drink to the memory of the ships and sailors that are no more.

  2. no more than, less than or equal to; a maximum of:

    The assessment should take no more than 5–10 minutes of your time.

    The pub is on your left, no more than half a mile down the road.

  3. say no more, (an exclamation expressing full agreement or understanding based on very little said):

    “We’re on a budget.” “Say no more, ma’am, I know just the car for you.”

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Example Sentences

Like another foul spirit being driven out, it may seek to tear her, but it will woo her no-more.

The star!No more it moves about the heavens afar,It standeth still.

There is an extreme form of putting our present doctrine that runs it into paradox: namely, the one-book-and-no-more maxim.

"An' d-don't yer say that n-no more," he stuttered in awkwardness.


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