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/ nəʊˈblɛs /


  1. noble birth or condition
  2. the noble class
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Word History and Origins

Origin of noblesse1

C13: from Old French; see noble
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Example Sentences

In an update of Nancy Mitford's 'Noblesse Oblige', The Telegraph has this handy guide, entitled,  “What type of RP do you speak?”

What if charity—giving out of love or noblesse oblige or religious commitment—doesn't go far enough?

Mitt Romney started off this campaign cycle as a noblesse oblige candidate.

The Romney-Ryan ticket now seems to be all noblesse, no oblige.

Contrary to our general notions of the foreign noblesse those exhibited some of the finest-looking men whom I had ever seen.

And Turgot's family was only of the secondary noblesse of the robe.

Like most of the old noblesse who emigrated he is without a sou.

With fevered face and icy hands he opened the latter and sought out the packet of his proofs of noblesse.

His father's people were of the noblesse of the robe, country gentles; his mother a cousin of the two dukes Rochefoucauld.





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