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/ noʊd /
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Origin of node

First recorded in 1420–45; Middle English, from Latin nōdus “knot”
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British Dictionary definitions for node

/ (nəʊd) /


See also nod off, nod out

Word Origin for node

C16: from Latin nōdus knot
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Medical definitions for node

[ nōd ]


A knob, knot, protuberance, or swelling.
A protuberant growth or swelling in a tissue.
A knuckle or finger joint.
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Scientific definitions for node

[ nōd ]

Anatomy A small mass or lump of body tissue that either occurs naturally, as in the case of lymph nodes, or is a result of disease.
  1. A point on a stem where a leaf is or has been attached.
  2. A swelling or lump on a tree; a knob or knot.
Physics A point or region of a vibrating or oscillating system, such as the standing wave of a vibrating guitar string, at which the amplitude of the vibration or oscillation is zero. Harmonic frequencies in oscillating systems always have nodes. Compare antinode.
  1. Either of the two points on the celestial sphere at which the path of a revolving body, such as the Moon, a planet, or a comet, intersects the ecliptic.♦ The point at which the body traverses from south of the ecliptic to north is the ascending node. The opposite point, when the body traverses the ecliptic from north to south, is the descending node.
  2. Either of the two points at which the orbit of an artificial satellite intersects the equatorial plane of the planet it is orbiting.
Computer Science A computer or a peripheral that is connected to a network.
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