[ nuh-gal-is ]


  1. a town in S Arizona.

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Example Sentences

The starting point was Nogales, at Arizona’s southern end right on the border with Mexico.

A human driver took the wheel for the first 60 miles or so, from Nogales to Tucson—but from there the truck went on auto-pilot, and not just for a little while.

After three years in the field, most of them spent working nights in Nogales, he became a public information officer last July.

Special Agent Xavier Diaz testified he once drove five hours west of the city to meet Arambula in Nogales, Arizona.

Dinsdale talked about immigration and reminisced about a trip “down to the border” where he “went to Nogales.”

Proprietor Ruben Nogales, 71, grew up in Ajo and watched its decline.

Nogales owns four homes, which he bought "one fixer upper at a time" and rents to winter visitors.

I was one of those who helped survey the original line from Benson to Nogales—I think the date was 1883.

“Just as I thought,” Mr. Nogales nodded his head, as the two agreed that all their money was there.

Later they found it was the very same hour the young mother died in Nogales.

Ve move Nogales City over here and make dis der gounty seat.

“They must be the smugglers Mr. Nogales told us about at the border,” Nan remarked.