Idioms for discount

    at a discount,
    1. Commerce. below par.
    2. below the usual list price.
    3. in low esteem or regard: His excuses were taken at a discount by all who knew him.
    4. not in demand; unwanted: Such ancient superstitions are at a discount in a civilized society.

Origin of discount

1615–25; dis-1 + count1, modeled on French décompter, Old French desconter < Medieval Latin discomputāre

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British Dictionary definitions for non-discount


verb (dɪsˈkaʊnt, ˈdɪskaʊnt) (mainly tr)

noun (ˈdɪskaʊnt)

Derived forms of discount

discountable, adjectivediscounter, noun
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Idioms and Phrases with non-discount


see at a discount.

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