[ non-hyoo-muhnor, often, -yoo- ]


  1. not human.
  2. not displaying the emotions, sympathies, intelligence, etc., of most human beings.
  3. not intended for consumption by humans:

    nonhuman products such as soaps and detergents.

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Other Words From

  • non·human·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of nonhuman1

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Example Sentences

If successful, they may move towards nonhuman primates before attempting to create life for expecting parents.

The book makes a clear case for the moral value of individual sentient creatures, providing a rundown of the latest science that dissolves the distinct line often drawn between humans and nonhumans.

Next is a surprisingly readable history of how philosophers have conceived nonhuman beings, beginning with ancient cultures and proceeding to Singer and beyond.

By studying muscles in the great apes and other nonhuman primates, the team has created reference databases.

You’re never going to find a human baby with nonhuman parents.

Cromwell, for one, thinks the Academy should revise its rules to recognize nonhuman performers.

Perhaps because in some ways it did resemble his own, that face was more preposterously nonhuman.

"Nebran—" The dwarfish nonhuman gabbled something then doubled behind me.

He'd brought her some sort of nonhuman toy from one of the lowland towns, Charin I think.

There seemed to be dozens of faces, shifting with each spin of the prism, human and nonhuman, all dim and slightly distorted.

A golden nonhuman child murmured something as she pattered by me in the street, and I stopped, gripped by a spasm of stagefright.





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