noun Phonetics.
  1. a stop that is unreleased, as the p-sound in stop, or deviously released, as the k-sound in acme, acne, or action, the t-sound of catnip, the g-sound of pygmy or ugly.
  2. (not in technical use) any stop sound.

Origin of occlusive

1885–90; < Latin occlūs(us) (see occlusion) + -ive
Related formsoc·clu·sive·ness, nounnon·oc·clu·sive, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for nonocclusive


  1. of or relating to the act of occlusion
  1. phonetics an occlusive speech sound
Derived Formsocclusiveness, noun
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Word Origin and History for nonocclusive



1867, from Latin occlus-, past participle stem of occludere (see occlude) + -ive.

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nonocclusive in Medicine


  1. Occluding or tending to occlude.
  2. Of or being a bandage or dressing that closes a wound and keeps it from the air.
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