[ nawr-uh, nohr-uh ]


  1. a female given name, form of Honora.

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Example Sentences

Peter wrote Ephron an email, reminding her that they’d already met—Nora had set them up 54 years earlier.

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All they really meant was your disease under a microscope is different from Nora’s, so you can have a different outcome, but they knew how much my mind was bound up with my sister.

From Time

As Nora starts to put the pieces together, seeing that the marriage dynamics there are set up for a particular kind of woman, her questions lead her to think about what she really wants for her own marriage and her own life.

Initially those sessions involve talk therapy and — to Nora — a somewhat annoying flood of compliments for Hayden.

Why do you think Nora reacted to the life-like dolls of her family that way?

And, whereas the townspeople start rioting and attacking the chain-smoking cult the Guilty Remnant, Nora is at peace.

But why do you think Nora wanted to divorce herself from the situation and drive off?

We interviewed each other and Billy played an extension of me, and Meg played an extension of Nora.

On June 14, 1989, the filmmaking duo of Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron created a romantic comedy for the ages.

Thus dismissed, Jim descended the side and was quickly on board the sloop Nora to which he belonged.

Poor Nora hung her head as she asked in a low voice if Jim really thought her father was engaged in illegal practices.

The Nora lies becalmed not far from the Goodwin buoy, with her sails hanging idly on the yards.

Nora felt that her chance had come, and she made up her mind to get her seatmate into trouble, if possible.

One girl, Anna, tried secretly to pass her a wet handkerchief, but this Nora quickly caught from her and hid.