[ nawr-dn-shohld, -shuhld; Swedish noor-duhn-shœld ]

  1. Bar·on Nils A·dolf E·rik [bar-uhn nils ah-dawlf ey-rik], /ˈbær ən nɪls ˈɑ dɔlf ˈeɪ rɪk/, 1832–1901, Swedish Arctic explorer, geographer, and geologist; born in Finland.

  2. his nephew, Nils Ot·to Gus·taf [nils awt-too-goos-tahv], /nɪls ˈɔt tʊ ˈgʊs tɑv/, 1869–1928, Swedish Arctic and Antarctic explorer.

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  • "The morning was so clear and bright that I absolutely do not know with what to compare it," Nordenskjold wrote.

  • Nordenskjold was the first navigator to137 double Cape Chelyuskin, the northern cape of Asia.

  • Our approximate position is forty miles east-north-east of Nordenskjold Ice Tongue.

    South! | Sir Ernest Shackleton

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/ (Swedish ˈnuːrdənʃœld) /

  1. Baron Nils Adolf Erik (nils ˈɑːdɔlf ˈeːrik). 1832–1901, Swedish Arctic explorer and geologist, born in Finland. He was the first to navigate the Northeast Passage (1878–79)

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