North African

  1. of or relating to North Africa or its inhabitants

  1. a native or inhabitant of North Africa

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How to use North African in a sentence

  • Although many north-African Jews had accepted Islam, there were but few who became real converts.

  • The great North African aloe plant shows this very strikingly.

    Parables of the Christ-life | I. Lilias Trotter
  • They had colonies in the south and west of Europe and on the North African coast, and obtained supplies of metals, &c., by sea.

    Ancient Man in Britain | Donald A. (Donald Alexander) Mackenzie
  • Philip withdrew his support, whereupon Juan devised a new project of a great North African empire.

    A History of Spain | Charles E. Chapman
  • This city early became the head of a North African empire, and her fleets plied in all navigable waters known to antiquity.

    The Railroad Question | William Larrabee