North River


  1. a part of the Hudson River between NE New Jersey and SE New York.

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Example Sentences

A judge has since made a tentative ruling on the North River Farms housing project in Oceanside, moving it forward to meet the state’s efforts to maximize housing development.

The passenger railroad has identified about $18 billion of “available or likely to be available” funding for projects in the Northeast in the next five years, including the North River Tunnels project.

We thought of walking on the park terrace along the North River.

He also sailed up a great stream, then called the North River, but now generally known as the Hudson .

It must be recollected that Hudson, seventy-five years later, in sailing up the North River, had similar notions.

He was the son of a small farmer, who lived in a village near the North River, about thirty miles from Canton.

Letter of the Marquis de Lafayette on the subject of fortifying the North river.

And there was North River winding about, and over beyond the great ocean she had crossed.





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