North West


  1. a province in N South Africa, created in 1994 from the NE part of Cape Province and part of Transvaal: agriculture and service industries. Capital: Mafikeng. Pop: 3 807 469 (2004 est). Area: 116 320 sq km (44 911 sq miles)

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Example Sentences

He said that he and Kardashian came to Florence “incognito” about nine months before their daughter North West was born.

Since North West took the Internet by storm, mom has gone on the Atkins diet to get back to her pre-baby body.

She was brought up in Sighisoara, a Transylvanian fortress town north-west of Bucharest.

With that, Kimmel gave West a gift for his baby, North West: tiny leather jogging pants.

While most of the segment was ridiculous, we finally got to see a picture of baby North West.

Capt. Ross sailed from Shetland, on his first voyage for the discovery of the north-west passage.

When all hell broke loose at the south gate of the factory, Black Hood was actually at the north-west corner of the grounds.

It has more than verified all predictions as to its usefulness, and has proved a blessing to north-west Donegal.

Martin Frobisher, the English navigator, sailed on his second voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage to India.

The station whence this bearing was taken was on the north-west trend of the point.