[ nawr-wood ]


  1. a town in E Massachusetts.
  2. a city in SW Ohio, near Cincinnati.

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Example Sentences

Norwood declined to go into details of Harper’s injuries, citing her medical privacy, but said that Harper initially believed she had lost her first child — a baby she and her husband been trying to have for a decade.

In one town, Norwood, we found that four officers had already exceeded the $15,000 limit through annual sick time sell-backs.

Four officers in Norwood appear to have already exceeded the state limit with annual payouts.

“I try to do everything like it’s the last thing that I’m going to do,” Norwood said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Norwood started doing “morning pages,” a ritual of writing pages of stream of consciousness right after you wake up.

But it would all come down to a 47-yard field goal attempt by Norwood.

There are lots of exciting things that have to happen in West Norwood.

Bill Norwood, another panelist, lost his son Byron in Iraq in 2004.

She knew there would be plenty of rope in the Norwood barn or the garage for their need in erecting the aerials.

“And we let it go on right under our noses and did not stop it,” sighed Jessie Norwood.

Mr. Norwood was at home, and Jessie flew at him a good deal like an eager Newfoundland puppy.

The three spent an hour discussing the new “plaything,” as Mr. Norwood insisted upon calling it.

That afternoon Mr. Norwood brought home the radio receiving set in the automobile.





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