nota bene

[ noh-tah be-ne; English noh-tuh-bey-nee, ben-ee, bee-nee ]

  1. note well; take notice.

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How to use nota bene in a sentence

  • nota bene, the symphony is to be given by myself, but the sonata by Madame Tost.

    Haydn | J. Cuthbert Hadden
  • nota bene, they always had voted unchallenged till they voted for fair play to women.

    The Woman-Hater | Charles Reade
  • nota bene, I was obliged to enclose both the symphonies to you, not knowing the address of Herr v. Kees.

    Haydn | J. Cuthbert Hadden
  • nota bene, that I am able to understand Valencian with much difficulty.

    Letters to an Unknown | Prosper Mrime
  • It's the mad bull and the china shop, and, nota bene, we are the china shop.

British Dictionary definitions for nota bene

nota bene

/ Latin (ˈnəʊtə ˈbiːnɪ) /

  1. note well; take note: Abbreviation: NB, N.B., nb, n.b.

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