Informal. a whole nother, an entirely different; a whole other.

Origin of nother

1955–60; metanalysis of an other or another Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Contemporary Examples of nother

  • As a(nother) sidelight, it's clear that Romney or whoever wrote this piece doesn't actually understand what culture even is.

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    Romney and Culture: Flip-Flop-Flip!

    Michael Tomasky

    August 1, 2012

Historical Examples of nother

  • Somehow or 'nother, the story's got round about your findin' that pin yesterday.

    The Green Satin Gown

    Laura E. Richards

  • Well, I think, Mr. Saunders, they isn't alike as much as they might be 'nother.

    Homeward Bound

    James Fenimore Cooper

  • The fact is, the widder had learned, somehow or 'nother, that he had the most money of the two.

    Cape Cod Stories

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Four or fyue dayes after, they were bothe bydde to dyner in a nother place.

  • She's dead, and him and the boy get along together somehow or 'nother.

Word Origin and History for nother

word formed from misdivision of another as a nother (see N for other examples), c.1300. From 14c.-16c. no nother is sometimes encountered as a misdivision of none other or perhaps as an emphatic negative; Old English had noðer as a contraction of ne oðer "no other."

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