nouveau riche

[noo-voh reesh; French noo-voh reesh]
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noun, plural nou·veaux riches [noo-voh reesh; French noo-voh reesh] /ˈnu voʊ ˈriʃ; French nu voʊ ˈriʃ/.
  1. a person who is newly rich: the ostentation of the nouveaux riches of the 1920s.

Origin of nouveau riche

1805–15; < French: new rich (person) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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parvenu, upstart, yuppie, DINK, arriviste, profiteer, vulgarian

British Dictionary definitions for nouveau riche

nouveau riche

noun plural nouveaux riches (ˌnuːvəʊ ˈriːʃ, French nuvo riʃ)
  1. (often plural) a person who has acquired wealth recently and is regarded as vulgarly ostentatious or lacking in social graces
  1. of or characteristic of the nouveaux riches

Word Origin for nouveau riche

French, literally: new rich
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Word Origin and History for nouveau riche

1813, French, literally "new rich." Opposite noveau pauvre is attested from 1965. Ancient Greek had the same idea in neo-ploutos "newly become rich."

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nouveau riche in Culture

nouveau riche

[(nooh-voh reesh)]

A pejorative term for one who has recently become rich and who spends money conspicuously. From French, meaning “new rich.”

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