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[naw-vyaw; English noh-vee-oh]
noun, plural no·vios [naw-vyaws; English noh-vee-ohz] /ˈnɔ vyɔs; English ˈnoʊ viˌoʊz/. Spanish.
  1. a fiancé or bridegroom.
  2. a boyfriend or sweetheart.
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Examples from the Web for novio

Historical Examples of novio

  • Old Pedro had told him that I had a novio—that was why he was angered at me.

    The Wolf Cub

    Patrick Casey

  • I asked whether she had a novio, or lover; and the question set her laughing immoderately.

  • He was a youth of the age of twenty, and the novio (intended) of the young lady in black.

    The Pictureque Antiquities of Spain;

    Nathaniel Armstrong Wells