/ ˈnjuːbə /


  1. -bas-ba a member of a formerly warlike Nilotic people living chiefly in the hills of S central Sudan
  2. the language or group of related dialects spoken by this people, belonging to the Chari-Nile branch of the Nilo-Saharan family

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Example Sentences

I definitely fear for my life in Sudan as well as those of my fellow people and family members in the Nuba Mountains.

In the four-day period of November 21 and 25, violence displaced some 25,000 civilians from the Nuba Mountains.

The human rights abuses in Sudan continue—and a harrowing new video captures the attack on a Nuba Mountain village in real time.

Whilst Kordofan is merely an extensive plain with little change of scenery, Dar Nuba presents an entirely different aspect.

The rain from the southern Nuba hills finds its way into the Bahr el Arab.

At Rahad a special zariba was built for the Nuba captives, who were driven like cattle into a pen to be sold.

Dobab is perhaps the best naturally-fortified hill of the entire Nuba group.

Abu Anga attacked almost all the Nuba mountains; at times he was successful, at other times he suffered reverses.


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