[ noo-bil, -bahyl, nyoo- ]
/ ˈnu bɪl, -baɪl, ˈnyu- /


(of a young woman) suitable for marriage, especially in regard to age or physical development; marriageable.
(of a young person, usually a woman) sexually developed and attractive: the nubile girls in their bikinis.

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Origin of nubile

1635–45; < Latin nūbilis, equivalent to nūb(ere) to marry (see nuptial) + -ilis -ile

Related formsnu·bil·i·ty [noo-bil-i-tee, nyoo-] /nuˈbɪl ɪ ti, nyu-/, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈnjuːbaɪl) /

adjective (of a girl or woman)

ready or suitable for marriage by virtue of age or maturity
sexually attractive
Derived Formsnubility (njuːˈbɪlɪtɪ), noun

Word Origin for nubile

C17: from Latin nūbilis, from nūbere to marry

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Word Origin and History for nubile



1640s, "marriageable" (said of a woman), from French nubile (16c.) or directly from Latin nubilis "marriageable," from stem of nubere "take as husband" (see nuptial). In sense of "young and sexually attractive" from 1973. Related: Nubility.

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