nuée ardente

[ French ny-ey ar-dahnt ]
/ French nü eɪ arˈdɑ̃t /

noun, plural nu·ées ar·dentes [French ny-ey zar-dahnt] /French nü eɪ zarˈdɑ̃t/. Geology.

(in a volcanic eruption) a swiftly flowing, dense cloud of hot gases, ashes, and lava fragments.

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Origin of nuée ardente

1900–05; < French: literally, burning cloud Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for nuee ardente

nuée ardente

/ (ˈnyeɪ ɑːˈdɑ̃t) /


a rapidly moving turbulent incandescent cloud of gas, ash, and rock fragments flowing close to the ground after violent ejection from a volcanoSee also ignimbrite

Word Origin for nuée ardente

C20: from French, literally: burning cloud
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Science definitions for nuee ardente

nuée ardente

[ nōō-ā ăr-däɴt ]

Plural nuées ardentes (nōō-āz ăr-däɴt)

A fast moving gaseous cloud of hot ashes and other material thrown out from an erupting volcano. Nuées ardentes are often incandescent.
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